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Siberian Husky

While it may seem very hard to believe, the Siberian Husky is a lot like a person. They also need to be taken care of just like a human being. But there are some things that the Siberian Husky owner needs to keep in mind.

A dog needs exercise every day. An activity the dog loves to do is “doggie walking.” This means simply taking your Siberian Husky for a walk. Walk him down the street and make sure you take him to the park so he can spend some time playing with other dogs.

You have to make sure that your dog does not feel unsafe when he is outside of his house. Keep a flashlight on you at all times when you are outside of your home. You should be able to see very well inside of your house, but be sure you still use the flashlight to see where you are going.

Make sure your Siberian Husky has plenty of toys on his bed. Toys provide the Siberian Husky with lots of mental stimulation and give him something to play with. These toys also help keep them occupied at night.

Make sure you keep a dog house in your yard for your Siberian Husky. Dogs love the smell of their urine. So if you want to keep him inside your home at night, make sure you clean up after him in the morning. And be sure to clean his house up before you put him outside to be able to go out and play.

There are special collars you can buy for your Siberian Husky. They will help teach your dog how to be obedient and respectful. They will help the dog feel better about himself and also allow him to behave better.

You can also train your Siberian Husky on how to go potty in the house. The dog’s bladder tends to expand in this way, and this makes training difficult for the owner.

You need to make sure that your Siberian Husky feels safe when he is outside. Avoid playing tug-a-war games with him so he can injure himself. The dog does not understand the concept of what is going on.

Finally, when you are training your Siberian Husky to walk on a leash, make sure that you never let your dog out to do something in the middle of nowhere. If it can happen, it probably will.

As the owner of a Siberian Husky, you should be a very good leader. You should try to be calm and sensitive at all times.

A lot of people who own Siberian Huskies wonder why they can get along so well with their dogs. They wonder if they have a case of canine amnesia. Well, they might wonder what they would be doing if they were not owners of Siberian Huskies.

So if you are an owner of a Siberian Husky, be sure that you never take your dog out on a long walk alone. Keep in mind that your dog loves to be with people, especially if they are quite beautiful.

Siberian Husky Traits:

Canis lupus familiaris
Origin Siberia
WeightMale: 45–60 pounds (20–27 kg)
Female: 35–50 pounds (16–23 kg)
HeightMale: 21–23.5 inches (53–60 cm)
Female: 20–22 inches (51–56 cm)
CoatThick double coat outer coat
ColorAll colors from black to white along with a brown/red color
Litter size4-8 puppies
Life span12–14 years

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