Shih Tzu
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Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu is a very cute and handsome dog breed. This is one of the oldest breeds of dogs that originated in China. The name Shih Tzu comes from a term meaning “silver water dragon.”

The Shih Tzu is a perfect breed to have as your own. However, like any dog breed, they have their good and bad points.

The Shih Tzu has a very high energy level. They are energetic and intelligent dogs. Therefore, they need a great deal of attention, especially at night. This is something that can sometimes be hard to give them.

Because of this, it is not recommended to get a Shih Tzu if you only have limited space to dedicate to your dog. They love to run and play, but they need to have a lot of space to do it in.

As a dog breed, Shih Tzus is also brilliant. They are highly social and are very easy to train. However, they also like to hunt for things.

If you intend to take your dog on walks in a park or other public place, you will want to make sure that the dog can stay on leash while you are there. This is a must to avoid accidents with other people’s dogs. You may also consider having a collar and ID tag for your dog so that you can check on him during the day if he has gone off his leash.

Dogs are brilliant, so you may want to start socializing your dog when he is young. You will find that a Shih Tzu is just as interested in other dogs as other dogs are in them. However, like most other dogs, they will still require some interaction from you to teach them how to respond to other dogs. You can use a leash, a voice command, or even keep your dog’s attention with treats.

As with any dog, they are also very prone to allergies. Although, like most other dogs, they are easily treated with antihistamines. You should also always keep your dog’s ears clean. This is especially important if your dog has any allergies.

Some Shih Tzus has some serious health problems. These include hip dysplasia, hip dysfunction, gastritis, and cancer. If you notice any of these signs in your dog, please see your veterinarian immediately.

If you decide to buy a dog, you should consider where you are going to bring him. This will help you decide whether he is right for you. Some Shih Tzus enjoys the outdoors; others like to be inside. It all depends on what is best for him.

Many dog breeds will fit into homes where people tend to want to be around them. But, if you like a dog that likes to be in his little cocoon, this breed might not be the best choice for you. It is also important to remember that unlike many other dog breeds, these dogs are highly intelligent and may feel the need to investigate and get out of their cage.

Shih Tzu Traits

WeightMale: 4–7.25 kilograms (8.8–16.0 lb)
Female: 4–8.10 kilograms (8.8–17.9 lb)
HeightMale: 20–28 centimeters (7.9–11.0 in)
Female: 20–28 centimeters (7.9–11.0 in)
ColorAll are permissibleOften multiple color coatsGoldDark/Light BrownWhiteBlackWhiteGreyLiver/White
Litter size2–9
Life span10–15 years, the average is 12 years old

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