Crate Training
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Crate Training

Crate training is not only a method of helping your dog to understand that he is not the king of the house, but it is also a very effective method for getting your dog trained to behave when you are away. Crate training your dog has many advantages. By giving him a crate he will be able to be trained to stay in the crate for a set period of time or to be left alone for some period of time, or even both. Also by crate training your dog will learn to not chew on your things and use the crate as a toilet, two reasons why a crate can be the perfect training tool.

Dogs are pack animals and when you crate train them they will realize that they will become the alpha dog of the house and that you will be the top dog. The crate is their safe place where they can do what they want when they want. A dog is a creature of instinct and this is one way that they make sure that they are kept safe. Most dog owners do not realize that crate training their dog is also the best way to teach them how to socialize with other people. Once a dog knows that you are the boss, they will become great at playing the part of the alpha dog.

Crate training your dog is also great for establishing yourself as the leader of the house. If you have a kennel full of dogs who think that they are the boss they will all be vying for your attention and the best spot in the house. If you crate train your dog they will feel secure in their little den and that means that you will have the upper hand in the house.

Crate training your dog is also a great method of teaching them to understand that you are the leader and that they must follow you and what you say. When you do not have access to your dogs, you can easily tell them to leave the room and then come back and fetch them. Then when you come back, they can be allowed to stay in the same room with you or even be brought in for a potty break.

Crate training your dog also teaches them that when you go out of your house that you will have a set place where you will go when you are gone. For example, when you are out for the day you will be sure to bring your dog with you so that they can go to the bathroom and get some much-needed sleep. In this way, you will start out the day with a dog in the house and then leave them alone to go on their daily run around the block. These can be the beginnings of an extended puppy routine.

Crate training your dog is also good for helping you sleep better at night. Many dogs like to chase a light when they first go to bed and you can easily show them to get into the crate and go to bed. Then when you come back from the bathroom in the morning, you can throw the door open and let them out. This is especially good at night if you have not had a chance to go to sleep yet, because then you will have a small option for sleep as opposed to no sleep at all.

Crate training your dog is also great for guarding them against strangers. It is easy to keep your dog in the crate when you are at work or even away on vacation. Then, when you return from a long day at work and are tuckered out and tired you can quickly hop in the car and leave them in the house and have them be safe and sound and ready to be trained again when you are ready.