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Abyssinian is one of the most highly bred cats in the world. Abyssinians are one of the breeds that originated from hybrid cats, which were put together by crossing a Persian cat with an Asiatic. The Asiatic was originally bred to the Persian, and the Persian is an entirely different breed than the Asiatic. The Asiatic is also called the Chola and has a much more robust build than the Abyssinian.

These cats are hardy, but even the Aussies are known to roam. They can handle being left in the backyard for a long period of time but need a large space and plenty of things to play with. If you have an old dog house or a crate in your yard, it would be best to keep them inside, which is not easy to do in cities.

The Abyssinian has a very rich temperament and is extremely friendly, with a very loving personality. However, because of their love of people, they will sometimes bark and other strange noises. This behavior can often be quite annoying. These cats should be kept indoors where they will not be disturbed.

The Abyssinian’s unique coat gives them plenty of ways to hide from predators. However, they should not be left alone for a very long time. There are a few different types of feline diseases that the Abyssinian has to deal with, including eye disorders, cancer, and bladder stones.

Due to their blue eye color, they are especially vulnerable to the sun, so they should never be exposed to the sun when indoors. They should also avoid eating in public places, which could spread the parasite that causes cataracts. The Abyssinian cat is generally very intelligent, so they are usually very loving and affectionate, although they are a little territorial.

When young kittens are separated from their mothers, they have a tendency to try to make their own food. They should always be fed by a human, as they would never attempt to eat by themselves. They can sometimes even grow into very large felines.

If you decide to get an Abyssinian, it is a good idea to do some research, especially on the type of kitten that you are considering. You should find out how much they cost, and you will want to make sure that you know what type of health problems they may have. You will also want to know about any breeders, as some breeders can be sketchy.

Abyssinian Traits:

Origin: Ethiopia
Lifespan:upto 15 years
Scientific name: Felis catus

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